Bota al contingut principal

commitment |kəˈmitmənt|
1 the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

At Coalició Compromís, we share a new view of how politics should work.

Together, we can bring about the change that our society needs in order to make it more free, fair and supportive of each other. Our vision of politics goes from the bottom up, starting with the people and their aspirations. That is why we invite everybody to move forward with us. To progress together. To bring change together.
Coalició Compromís is formed by BLOC, INICIATIVA and VERDS and many other organisations and citizens who, together, hope for a regeneration of Valencian politics


COMPROMÍS is a coalition formed by the Valencian Nationalist Bloc (BLOC), the Valencian People’s Iniciative (Iniciativa PV) and The Greens – Environmentalist Left (Verds-EE) as a joint commitment from the Valencian progressivism, the new left and the political environmentalism. It was born as a viable electoral alternative for the citizens of the Valencian Country.

This coalition represents a new, third political space, a Valencian space for progress, and a way to change the current state of affairs. The way that politics currently works has brought us shameful events that are completely distant from what we understand that political responsibility needs to be. We have joined forces to cooperate and to keep growing. In our own differences we find our complementarity, allowing for every one to contribute with what they know how to do best.

As Valencia’s third political force, we represent the alternative that this country needs. An alternative that has its hands clean, without any politician to hide. We are not here to get rich, nor are we here to be patted on the shoulder by politicians in Madrid. We are here to serve the Valencian citizens.

Our best guarantee of work is our long history of representation in hundreds of local councils as well as our activity in the Valencian and Spanish parliaments, where we have stood as the clear and direct opposition to the Popular Party government, and where our role also served as a tool for citizens to express what they see are our society’s main problems. The high volume of proposals that we have presented are proof of our commitment to achieve a united country where autonomy, dignity and equality are guaranteed.

We are a coalition that has already been working together for four years. We have shown that not all of us are the same in politics. We have been working side by side with the citizens of this country in order to listen to their problems, to denounce the wrongfulness from which our society suffers, and, above all, to find solutions for the problems it faces. We come from different political traditions, but we have a commitment to cooperate. Above our differences is a shared vision of the Valencian Country that we want.

We want a more democratic country, with transparent, honest politicians at the service of the interests of the majority. We want a country of active, participative and well-informed citizens. A Valencian Country of citizens who can hope, who take part in politics and who should not be ashamed of their governors. We want a country that is free of corruption and the “anything goes” attitude held by the current conservative government.

We want a new model of sustainable development with an emphasis on getting over the deficiencies of our current economic system. A system that has been torn apart by the excessive weight that construction has had in this country and that discriminates in the State budget. A system that represents the irresponsibility shown the the Popular Party’s economic policies. It is necessary to adjust our development rate in order to face the challenges presented by the internationalization of Valencian companies, the increase in productivity, the support for research and development, the green economy and the exploitation of sources for new jobs related with new technologies with future.

We want a country that defends its territory, its natural values, its landscapes and its environmental richness. We want a green and sustainable country that progresses while taking advantage of its own natural resources, without exhausting or destroying them. We want a country that bases its progress on sustainability and that creates employment and prosperity based in renewable energies, recycling, ecological agriculture, green tourism and clean industries, making an efficient and responsible use of our most basic resources, such as water and energy.

We want a fairer country that has its priorities in healthcare, education, culture, public transport, the aid for people with disabilities and a stable and safe employment. A country were the general interest is above big and expensive events and speculative business. We want a country that provides welfare for everyone. An open and tolerant country that works actively for the integration of immigrants and that is at the forefront of gender equality policies, protection of the disadvantaged and social equality.

We want a country with a wider self-government that respects plurality. We are a historic nation and we want a Statute with the highest competences, without electoral barriers that prevent political plurality. A visible country in Spain, Europe and the world. We are tired of receiving unfair financing, of being at the queue of investments and of not being considered for the big discussions of the State by the centralist parties.

We want a country where the Valencian language is a language with future. We want a country that is proud of its identity, that supports its rich cultural, musical, festive and literary tradition. We want to be able to access all forms of media that is available in our language. A country where the public media favors plurality and informs objectively. All in all, to counter a situation that is the product of the way RTVV functions today, which ostracizes the Valencian language and which has broken its law of creation and the right of the citizenship for a plural and impartial media, by serving as the PP government’s manipulation machine.

We aspire to transform this country, because it is necessary that Valencian politics starts looking for solutions to problems. It needs to generate sustainable progress and to create welfare for its citizens. We cannot afford to keep an economic model that only creates unemployment, closure of companies and which has led us to being leaders in school failure, deficiency of hospital beds per inhabitant, scarce funding of public universities, democratic degradation, privatization, precarity of the welfare society, pollution and destruction of territory.

This coalition is the political-electoral answer from the Valencian space of progress to keep on working to articulate a new Country, based on new values and new solutions. BLOC-INICIATIVA-VERDS: COALICIÓ COMPROMÍS is the alternative to PP’s failed policies and PSPV’s “branch” mentality and weak opposition.

The Valencian Nationalist Bloc, the Valencian People’s Iniciative and The Greens-Environmental Left constitute an open-minded commitment to collaborate with other plural organizations or individuals who share the same views of progress, dignity, environmental sustainability and fairness for the Valencian people.

This coalition is open to the incorporation of entities and individuals with the aim of strengthening the plurality of this political project. This is one of our goals as a political coalition. For the past years, we have worked together coherently and we will continue to do so in the future with willingness to bring stability and continuity to the agreements beyond the upcoming elections in order to be a decisive force in the Valencian Country now and in the future.

This coalition calls for the Valencian society to take part in a necessary democratic rebellion that requires commitment in a situation of political degradation that we find embarrassing and of a big-scale economic downturn that is increasing unemployment, poverty and environmental degradation. We call for the Valencian people to participate with hope and actions and to not let themselves be carried away by pessimism and passivity. Another way of making politics is possible. Together we can show that unity in diversity is possible, that it is false that all politicians are the same and that, if we want, we can change our country.